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" Your well-being is our PRIORITY"


About Us

One patient. One prescriber. One pharmacist. A triad relationship with a common goal: achieving a positive ideal therapeutic outcome for the patient.

 Thomas Johnson pharmacy was established in 2011 as an independent community pharmacy. Our philosophy has always been to place great emphasis on individualized health care. We take great pride in understanding each patients health concerns, provide personal care, supply the necessary knowledge/information to help them enjoy long, healthy, and fulfilling lives.  

Thomas Johnson Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy. We will be the "one stop shop" for your health care needs.


  • Non-sterile compounding 
  • Free Delivery
  • Clinical pharmacist consultation.
  • Prescriptions & Prescription Refills.
  • Assistance with over-the-counter products selection.
  • Screening for drug interactions, allergies and therapeutic duplications.


Non-sterile Coumpounding

 Compounded medications are ordered by a licensed prescriber and mixed by compounding pharmacists in a safe and carefully controlled environment. Pharmacists are the only health care professionals trained in chemical compatibilities, making them the only ones qualified to compose alternate dosages.  

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